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Introducing EmberGuard, a uniquely designed protection from ember falling out of the fire pit. It provides reasonable time to deal with those embers by either extinguishing them or putting them back into the fire pit.

EmberGuard is designed to be an extension to the DeckProtect and it will easily tuck under it, providing a seamless solution for your valuable surface, be it a deck, concrete or laminates.

For extra protection, EmberGuard is made from a double layer, high temperature resistant material, already proven in fire hearth applications, over the past years.

EmberGuard can be easily wrapped around your fire pit for the time of operation. This will take about 5 minutes. After operation, it can be rolled up and put back into the package it came in, giving way to the beautiful fire pit setup you have. If desired, it can stay in place for years to come, as it is weather resistant, as well.

You can walk over it and even put chairs or furniture on top, as long as you use soft padding underneath the feet.

The pictures show a 28″ fire pit which is positioned on top of a 30″ DeckProtect. EmberGuard30 is tucked under the DeckProtect and extents the reach of protection by around 24″ on each side of the fire pit.

EmberGuard fits underneath a square or octagon DeckProtect.

Cleaning EmberGuard can be done very easily with water and perhaps soap.

This offering reflects standard sizes; however, our sewing department can also custom fabricate to your drawings. Please reach out to us!

The gallery shows the color option red.

Please allow for 10 business days production time, due to the COVID-19.

Please Note:

EmberGuard is not a replacement for DeckProtect. Its insulation values are not as high level as DeckProtect. It is designed to give you reasonable time to take care of embers falling out of the fire pit. If ember or heavier items simmer for a longer time on top of the EmberGuard, the heat may eventually penetrate the insulation and damage less heat resistant surfaces,  over time. EmberGuard may get scars by high heat embers, but it will continue to function and protect, as the substrate has continuous temperature resistances of over 1200 degrees F.

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