World Novelty: A DeckSafe Fire Pit


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Introducing the first commercially available DeckSafe™ Fire Pit which can be used on a wooden deck or a composite deck, without the need for a DeckProtect.

Out Test:

We made a scorching fire for three hours to get the fire pit up to 1,000 degrees F, at it’s hottest spot.

At this point of time, the heat conduction has reached its saturation, and in our case, it did not change the temperature readings anymore.

We then put a paper tissue underneath the legs and underneath the center of the fire pit, just to see if the temperature would cause a fire. You can see how the infrared temperature reader measures the temperature of the wood just under 112 degrees F.

We left the tissue there for the rest of the night, just to find out it was fully intact, the next morning!

This DeckSafe™ Fire Pit is 16″ x 18″, made from aluminum and is very light weight.

It is portable and can be used on concrete, wood, composites, etc.

While this is the first of its kind, we are offering to custom size this for you. Contact us and we shall work out the details.

Please note:

While the frame itself will get hot, and you can burn your body parts, the level of heat radiation towards the deck is reduced, to where the composite deck, or wooden deck will not be compromised.

The metal frame is slightly elevated and not in direct contact with the deck; and thus it will not conduct the heat downwards to the surface.

The DeckSafe™ Fire Pit is build in Allendale, SC, USA. 

The DeckSafe™ Fire Pit has a lead time of 7 business days.  

The price offered is based on free shipping within the Continental USA, only. Please advise ship to address and we can quote shipping expenses. 


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